Terms & Conditions

1. Prompt payment in full is requested at time of invoice. I accept cash, credit or debit cards and BACS transfer. Any parts remain the property of Spanners n Sprockets until paid in full.

2. All bikes must be delivered to Spanners n Sprockets in a clean state. If your bicycle is in very dirty condition there may be a charge for cleaning to allow for closer inspection of the frame and components.

3. Spanners n Sprockets warrant that their work will be done to a professional standard and any defective work will be corrected free of charge to the customer. Work will be guaranteed for 90 days, subject to appropriate use. The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear. We are not responsible for damage caused by accidents, carelessness or misuse.

4. There is a storage charge of £5 per day for any bike that is not picked up within 3 days of the customer being informed that the work on the bike is completed. This is due to the limited working space we have.

5. All website prices are for labour only, parts will be charged as extra.