How can I help you?

Good question! Please deliver the bike in a clean condition. It does not have to be perfect but does need to be clean enough that I can inspect the fame and components without further cleaning. If you are aware of any faults, please let me know. Finally, I would appreciate the bike being picked up within 3 days of the work being completed as I have limited storage space.

Can you fit parts that I have bought elsewhere?

Yes of course. I can supply most parts at a competitive price but if you would rather source your own, that's fine.

What happens if you find faults during a service?

I will advise you of any other problems we come across and the best course of action. I will offer a quotation for the work, but you are free to decide how much work is carried out.

What Payment Methods do You Accept?

I prefer BACS bank transfer as this helps keep my costs down. However, I also accept cash and credit/debit cards.